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As you would expect, Mad As A March Hare is acutely aware of the responsibility of looking after the personal data that we hold, both for journalists, clients and clients' customers. A key element of which is ensuring that we align all our data practices with the new requirements of GDPR by May 2018. We thought it would be good to let you know our thoughts on GDPR and what we are doing to ensure Mad As A March Hare’s compliance.


Under GDPR there are several grounds on which it is permissible to process personal data, the key cornerstone of which is consent. Regarding clients' social media competitions - people voluntarily enter a social media competition and once a winner is selected their postal address is sent via email to us. That information is used only to send their competition prize. It is not used in any other way or passed on to a third party, nor is it stored in any form.


Press releases are sent via PRmax, which is GDPR compliant. Journalist data maintained in their database is public domain information and is obtained with permission of the journalist or their organisation on their behalf. In line with requirements under GDPR, PRmax is putting in place additional safeguards such as unsubscribe and permission tracking audit trails to protect the rights of journalists and ensure compliance with GDPR. If any publication or journalist directly or indirectly requests that we stop sending communications to them, they are added to our exclusion list immediately.


As always, we will continue to provide the best service possible for our clients while maintaining strict compliance to all elements of GDPR which apply to Mad As A March Hare.

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