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At the core of MAAMH is the understanding that we have to step out of our comfort zone in order to make things happen.  However, a creative approach alone without a structured plan is less successful. Here are the steps by which we accept, implement and complete a project.

If it’s a good fit…pitch. The first question we must answer is: Is the project right for MAAMH? We’ve done this long enough that we know the first essential step to any creative endeavour is to believe in a project. If we like what a project is about then we'll go on to the next step.

Identify the needs of the client. After an initial conversation or brief we can research and discuss an approach and put together an introductory proposal.

Building an internal creative brief. If our initial pitch is successful and a client agrees to work with us, we usually begin this step with an email to the MAAMH team which outlines brief goals and challenges. This allows each team member to come up with ideas independently to share with one another during a group strategy meeting.


Augmentation of brief. Once we’ve had a talk amongst ourselves, it’s time to hammer out the details. Timings need to be added and budget allowances. A list of questions may need to be submitted to the client to fulfill this step.

Brief sign off. Clear goals and measurables are identified and a detailed proposal is sent to the client.  1-2 weeks. 

Strategic development stage. The project is broken down into steps and tasks with a checks and balances system. Team members are assigned specific responsibilities with the understanding that they will work throughout the project. Because we’re a close knit team and are friends, we communicate well with one another.  We talk about projects often because we’re more creative when we collaborate. 

Familiarisation. This is a site visit by the team manager(s). The team manager is then responsible for following up with the client and the team with a recap of the meeting and next steps, as well as tasked with following up with the client in regards to any outstanding issues.


Creative stage. Once the project initiation or job start meeting happens, work which can yield results actually begins. By this time, we know what we’re supposed to do, we understand a project fully and we get on with it.

Execution stage. Production at an agency ranges across media platforms, a press audit is performed to identify key media and make contact with key players.

Press release & features. Before releasing it to the world, a press release or feature is passed around internally as a quality control measure. The entire team participates with a clear head at this stage of the work. We take the time to double check it, play with it, test it, check all links, phone numbers, web addresses, spell check, etc. 

Client approval of press release/ features. Once we’ve checked it, we send it to our client. To make sure the who, what, where, when, how and whys are right.


Press release distribution. It’s sent out on the wire or via a distribution service to a targeted list, followed by phone calls, and emails. 

Monitor coverage. Collection of coverage and reporting to client. 

Ongoing evaluation. What may seem like a great idea on paper, may turn out not to be so great in practice. We will put our hand up and admit if something isn't working and look for an alternative. Likewise, we are constantly brainstorming ideas and will put new thoughts to the client throughout the campaign. 

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